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The Famous Sex Ad

Once upon a time my marketing coach Dan Kennedy challenged me to write a “sex” ad for the industry that I served. Let me describe the risk. I was the founding CEO of a well regarded high-tech manufacturing firm in biotechnology – an extremely conservative industry.  We had a hard-earned reputation to protect. So it […]


The Relativity of Success

What Einstein forgot… When Einstein’s Relativity papers were published, the world got a new concept. Time and space are actually interchangeable! There is relativity in the way we live our daily lives, too. I’ve learned that in business, the way that people manage their time and their space seems to go with how much money […]


In Tough Times We Need Sharper Tools

I’ve lived through eight recessions and run businesses during four of them. I’ve learned that some people thrive while the majority just panic. You don’t have to roll over for this recession; you can create your own “upturn during the downturn”. Then when the tough times are over, you’ll be stronger and more successful than […]


“Your Doctor Called…”

I was working at home while recovering from pneumonia. I took a phone call from Vikki’s doctor. They asked me to have her call and make an appointment to “discuss her mammogram results”. That led to a biopsy then another wait for results, and then another call like the first one. “The doctor wants you […]


Your Personal Independence Day

Here’s a way you can win your own personal “revolution”. I had a client recently who complained about not feeling like he was “his own person.” “It’s like I live my whole life for others, and I never really feel worthy.” Pretty funny, since he an attorney, partner in a large firm employing a couple […]