Know Your Outcome

Have you ever just jumped in the car and started driving, making decisions about turning right or turning left as you get to each intersection? Maybe you decide while on the road where you’ll stay at night…maybe you change your mind and decide to change course part way through your journey? It can be incredibly fun to do that. You get to see a lot of new things, meet different kinds of people at each

Build for Tomorrow

We all know we need technology to help us reach out marketing goals. In fact, without technology our reach will be one fraction what it could be, our profits will be minimized, and the impact we are able to make on the world will be significantly diminished. So, when you get back from that amazing marketing conference, and you’ve planned out your marketing strategy, you’ve written your emails or hired a copywriting, then what do

The Power of an Apology

How do you feel when someone apologizes to you?  Do you feel vindicated? Does it fire you up? Or do you feel like they genuinely care? Like they understand you are unhappy or have had a bad experience and they regret that? A simple, heartfelt apology can change any conversation and take it from a heated place of contention to a calm place of cooperation. Think of your last customer service call. Someone who was

Is Your Nurture Sequence Doing Its Job?

Email nurture sequence. We all know we need one. We may even have spent time writing them or paying someone else to write them. The question is, is your nurture sequence doing its job? The question is, is your nurture sequence doing its job? Click To Tweet And how can you tell if it is or isn’t? Measuring the results of our nurture sequence is an essential part of our business, and one that is

17 Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content Without Starting From Scratch

If your blog has been active for a while you likely have so many articles you are losing track. When you hear people talk about the need and value of content marketing it might even tick you off. I mean, you have content. Lots of it! It’s not a lack of content you are struggling with. It’s actually the opposite! You have so much content you aren’t sure what to do with it! Yeah, I

The Famous Sex Ad

Once upon a time my marketing coach Dan Kennedy challenged me to write a “sex” ad for the industry that I served. Let me describe the risk. I was the founding CEO of a well regarded high-tech manufacturing firm in biotechnology – an extremely conservative industry.  We had a hard-earned reputation to protect. So it was a definite challenge. I created the ad and after several go-rounds with my marketing people, this was what we

I’m Sorry It Didn’t Work Out

Here’s a tip you can learn from a client of mine without going through his pain. Let’s call him “Mike”. Mike had a deal go sour and it ended up in arbitration. They came up with a settlement that they both signed but the other guy wasn’t keeping up his side. Mike and the other guy had been old friends. Their kids went to school together and their wives were on the same charities. So

The CEO/Cowboy Link

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a cowboy instead of finishing high school. I was sent to work for a friend of my father who owned a ranch up in the mountains. I had no idea that the work I was about to begin would be so close to the job of CEO I had forty years later. In the early summer we rounded up cattle who had foraged in the high

New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Keep

Okay, I’m thinking “What can I possibly say about a New Year? Something that hasn’t already been done by some professional columnist or talented blogger or — Shakespeare?” Then I remind myself that I’ve seen a LOT of New Years, and have messed up at least as many resolutions as the next guy, have made many “new starts” that chugged to a halt by March or so. So I’m an expert on what doesn’t work.

The Relativity of Success

What Einstein forgot… When Einstein’s Relativity papers were published, the world got a new concept. Time and space are actually interchangeable! There is relativity in the way we live our daily lives, too. I’ve learned that in business, the way that people manage their time and their space seems to go with how much money they make. Managing Time: Are they punctual? Can they keep a commitment on a deadline? Most successful people that I’ve