Shootin’ From The Hip

I did a dumb thing the other day. That’s not all that unusual for me, but this one stayed with me for a while and I think something interesting came out of it. Have you ever whipped out a quick answer to an email and hit the “send” button? I mean, hit it too fast? And then thought of what you REALLY should have said? That’s what I did, and it cost me a re-do

Brain Burp #987 – The Disappearing Parking Ticket

I guess I was in a bad mood to begin with. My wife and I had had a little misunderstanding in the morning just as I was leaving for my appointment and that never sits well with me. So I was grumpy when I arrived in downtown San Jose, and then I saw there was no street parking in the area. Great, just great! All the parking garages were not charging by the quarter hour

In Tough Times We Need Sharper Tools

I’ve lived through eight recessions and run businesses during four of them. I’ve learned that some people thrive while the majority just panic. You don’t have to roll over for this recession; you can create your own “upturn during the downturn”. Then when the tough times are over, you’ll be stronger and more successful than before! It’s just going to take more knowledge about human nature – both yours and the other guy’s. How you see

“Your Doctor Called…”

I was working at home while recovering from pneumonia. I took a phone call from Vikki’s doctor. They asked me to have her call and make an appointment to “discuss her mammogram results”. That led to a biopsy then another wait for results, and then another call like the first one. “The doctor wants you to come in…” The biopsy was malignant. We spent our time in family phone calls and frantic online research for

Your Personal Independence Day

Here’s a way you can win your own personal “revolution”. I had a client recently who complained about not feeling like he was “his own person.” “It’s like I live my whole life for others, and I never really feel worthy.” Pretty funny, since he an attorney, partner in a large firm employing a couple hundred lawyers. “So how do you act at work?” I asked. “Oh, then I’m being the Guy in Charge, so

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

I’ve been traveling a lot this year. For instance, I haven’t been home for a complete week since July. That means that for the last five months I’ve seen lots of hotel rooms, restaurants and airports. LOTS. And here’s the thing. After a while, even a life of constant shifting and change becomes ordinary. Even though I was almost never in the same hotel, restaurant or airport for more than a day or so, I got

A Fern Named Lazarus

I have an asparagus fern named Lazarus.   Why did I name him Lazarus? I’ll tell you why. I named him Lazarus because when I first got him for my batchelor  apartment I was sometimes a neglectful caretaker. I got the plant so there would be something alive in my apartment besides me. It came in a small green plastic pot about the size of a coffee mug and cost two dollars. It was a


Here’s a tip you can learn from a client of mine without going through his pain. Or mine. Let’s call him “Mike”. Mike had a deal go sour and it ended up in arbitration. They came up with a settlement that they both signed but the other guy wasn’t keeping up his side. Mike and the other guy had been old friends. Their kids went to school together and their wives were on the same

Customizing Gmail to Optimize Your Day

Zapier articles on Gmail tips Personal level indicators How to set up your inbox Check up to 5 email addresses within Gmail itself

Season’s Best Wishes (except to Martha Stewart)

Uh oh. Another holiday letter.  If you throw this away unread you won’t miss much.   Just  my story about how Martha Stewart screwed up our holidays awhile ago. We’d had a great year, actually.  Our son Jared (then a teenager) and I didn’t drive each other or Vikki from the house.  My business and Vikki’s psychotherapy practice did well.  We entered the holiday season full of good cheer and ready to rock the Christmas Muzak