My Confession

Here it is. I’ve been around a lot and have learned quite a bit. But… Even as “smart” as I am, occasionally it takes the Universe a LOT of work to get me to see an  important lesson. In other words, sometimes I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Once in a while I get so focused picking up a coin from the ground that I brush diamonds out of my way without even

Three Little Words

The words we use either encourage us to be creative and optimistic or they shut us down, give us a smaller view of possibilities, and weaken us. The words we use define our personal reality to ourselves as well as to others, and they have a very real effect on what we allow ourselves to think. The words we use are the way we tell ourselves what we deserve from life. BUT Have this ever

Dictate Outcomes, Not Processes

Have you ever asked your team to do something, even told them exactly how to accomplish it, only to have them blow it and not do what you asked?  You don’t get the result you want, they end up frustrated, and no one is happy? Yeah, that’s a pretty common scenario. You see, as an entrepreneur, in the early days, odds are good you wore many hats. You did all the tasks by yourself and

No, your niche isn’t special

One of the most common reasons I hear for unsuccessful marketing results is “Our niche is different.” I’m going to share something with you, something that may tick you off. But you need to hear it. No, your niche isn’t different. Before you click off this article, let me explain what I mean by that. Your audience’s challenges might be different. Your niche’s needs might be unique. Your niche might struggle with things others don’t

5 Steps to Create a Solution Oriented Team

“We have a problem.”   These words are uttered in businesses across the world on a daily basis.  An employee or team member is tasked with doing something and they can’t complete their task for one reason or another. Instead of problem solving and finding a solution they stop where they are in the process and tell you they can’t go any further. The get caught in the frustration of not knowing what to do

What are you doing with the rest of your life?

Okay, it’s the New Year and we’re still here. You know, five years from now we may still be here, and there will be NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER in our lives — except for the changes that we choose and take action to create. A smart guy once told me that if he ran into me five years in the future, the only difference in me would have come from the books I had read and

Beating Overload

This article deals with time, which is going by too fast anyway. So I’m going to ask just a very little of  yours to tell you how to get more out of it. I promise you’ll gain time from the minutes you spend  reading this. Lots of people in my life are going around with lists of To-Do’s buzzing in their heads, and never enough time to get everything done. My wife Vikki has a

5 steps to a successful launch, because of or in spite of, your technology

Are you listening? I’m about to share one of the most important secrets of business with you. It’s not often talked about, and even less often is it accepted. Are you ready? Technology is not perfect. At all. There is no software on the market that is perfect and flawless. It doesn’t exist. And the pursuit of it will do nothing more than make you crazy. There is no software on the market that is

Why I’ll Never Write Another Indoctrination Email

Ok, I admit it… I pay a lot of attention to language. Often times too much. (And I’m sure sometimes not enough) And herein lies my trouble with the term “indoctrination email.” Now, I understand that indoctrinate means “to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments.” (merriam-webster.com) And I get that the synonyms are educate, teach, instruct and train. Nevertheless, to me, indoctrinate means “brainwash.” And I am not alone in that feeling. You see, back

Your subscriber count means nothing if you do this…

Your email list. For many business owners it is one of their most prized possessions. At conventions business owners can often be heard boasting pridefully about how many subscribers they have. Reactions can often be heard. “Wow, that’s awesome!” “Damn, how long did it take to build up that list.” “Don’t worry, it takes time to build a list.” Whatever the reaction, the sentiment is the same. If you have a solid email list, you