Email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with your clients and prospects.  According to a June 2016 survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association email has a median ROI of 122%, more than 4 times higher than other marketing formats! That is an amazing increase over things such as social media, direct mail and paid search. BUT, as we know, email is a noisy channel. In fact the
Email Marketing
Facebook ads and boosted posts…what is the difference and how does it affect you? The difference is huge and it affects you if you are advertising on Facebook.  While both options will help you get your message in front of more people than an ordinary post will, but which one is best for you? In order to answer that question you first need to determine what your goals are.  You see, paid ads and boosted
Facebook Ads  
Have you ever wondered why, when you paste a link into your Facebook post, you get the image and wording you do? Do you remember when it used to be simple to post on Facebook and share links? Do you remember when it used to be simple to post on Facebook and share links? Click To Tweet As recently as several months ago when you pasted a link into a website you could customize the
Social Media  
For many companies the holidays are an essential time for marketing. In fact, it’s often the time of the year where you can make up any shortcomings from earlier in the year and get ready for the upcoming year. To be truly effective your holiday marketing should have started last month. 🙂  That is the time to really examine your audience, segment them for email and advertising purposes, and prepare your list to mail to.
Holiday Marketing