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Dictate Outcomes, Not Processes

Have you ever asked your team to do something, even told them exactly how to accomplish it, only to have them blow it and not do what you asked?  You don’t get the result you want, they end up frustrated, and no one is happy?

Yeah, that’s a pretty common scenario.

You see, as an entrepreneur, in the early days, odds are good you wore many hats. You did all the tasks by yourself and developed your own way of doing things. Click To Tweet

Maybe you started out as an expert in other areas, or maybe you taught yourself. Either way, you’ve done the job and know how you want it done.


Let me share another possibility.

You tell your team what you want done, and, this time, instead of telling them how you want it done, you tell them why you want it done. You share with them the big picture. You let them know what you’ll be doing with what they create and why it’s important that you have it.

You let them go and see what they accomplish. You trust your team. You know you chose them to be on your team for a reason, and you are going to allow them the space to show you what they can do.

They come back a couple days later, on deadline, with the finished product. It looks different than you expected it to. Instead of reacting to that, you ask them about it. You allow them to tell you what they’ve done and why.

To your surprise, they actually gave you exactly what you asked for. They just did it their way.

And, as you look at the finished product you realize, what they gave you is better than what you had in mind. They found new ways of presenting the information. They used tools you aren’t familiar with. They provided some additional data that you can use as you grow and scale.

They were aware of tools and techniques that you weren’t. Maybe it wasn’t available when you were doing the work, or maybe they just know different routes to get there.

Either way, you got a much better result by letting them know what you need and what you want to do with it than you ever could have by dictating how it gets done.

You did your homework when you hired your team. You researched them, interviewed them, you sorted for people who had the qualities you need on your team and the skills you need for their position.

Now it’s time to let them shine.

Here are 4 steps to delegating the outcome without dictating the process:


  • Focus on the outcome, not the process. Make sure you explain what outcome you are looking for. Give them the why instead of the how.
  • Ask them if they have any questions before beginning work on the task. Let them tell you what else they need to effectively do what you’re asking them. Give them the chance to get everything they need up front so they don’t do something wrong or incompletely.
  • Clearly convey the format you would like the final product to come in. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, a completed PDF, a calendar or some other format, be very clear about what you would like to see as the deliverable.
  • Stop yourself before you go too far. Pay attention to your language. If you notice yourself saying things like “you can do it this way” or “first go here” or something similar, you are falling into old habits. Keep focused on the outcome, not the process.


By giving your team the room to excel, you are allowing them, and your business, the highest chance for success. Even if you can decide on the exact process for every task, is that really where your time is best spent? Is that where your business needs you to direct your energy?

Probably not.

Your business needs you operating in your area of genius. And your team needs to be allowed to operate in theirs. By giving your team the room to deliver exactly what you ask of them you make room for your business to grow and scale. And you never know…you just might be surprised!

January 4, 2018

How to Improve your Facebook Preview

Have you ever wondered why, when you paste a link into your Facebook post, you get the image and wording you do? Do you remember when it used to be simple to post on Facebook and share links?

Do you remember when it used to be simple to post on Facebook and share links? Click To Tweet

As recently as several months ago when you pasted a link into a website you could customize the headline, text and image for that link.

Well, that’s all changed. Due to the changing culture we live in we no longer have the ability to change the info for links we post. The information is pulled directly from the website when the link is posted.

As a site owner this is actually a very good thing. It allows you to have complete control over how your site is represented online, and it prevents anyone else from changing your branding or messaging.

That being said, it does add an extra step or two for you as you’re building your web pages and posting your blog articles. They are simple but essential, and they will help you make sure you are putting the right message out into the world.

The first thing you have to do to optimize your posts is to add a featured photo. Notice I said you have to do this…that’s because if you don’t you can end up with some odd images showing up. Social media logos, author headshots, or unformatted images can all end up as your default image if you don’t take control of that.

Make sure you’re using images that will look great on Facebook. Remember Facebook is a social platform. It is where people go to connect, to have fun and to unwind. Make your images engaging. Often when a post doesn’t catch someone’s attention and make them stop scrolling, the image will.

Often when a post doesn’t catch someone’s attention and make them stop scrolling, the image will. Click To Tweet

Next, you need to be clear on your headline. It will show up in the Facebook preview anytime someone shares your link. Make sure it’s awesome! Even after someone reads a post directing them to your site, many times people won’t go if the link doesn’t look appealing. Make sure your headline will grab their attention and entice them to visit.

Finally, carefully craft your summary. This is the small preview that shows in your link text. It lets the reader know what to expect if they click through to visit your site, and gives them a sneak peek at you and your writing.

People will make decisions based on all of these pieces, and it’s important that yours are planned out. Be intentional and strategic with your brand and content when it’s posted online. You have a few short seconds to encourage people to come to your site. Use them wisely.

Be intentional and strategic with your brand and content when it’s posted online. Click To Tweet

Now that you’ve selected your preview information carefully, you need to make sure it’s showing up correctly. Facebook offers a great tool you can use to check your article and see how it shows up in the preview. You can find it here.

Simply plug in your link, click “Fetch new scrape information” and wait for the results. It will show you exactly what Facebook sees and what it will post.

If you’re happy with it, great!  

If you’re not you can use a tool like Yoast to plug in your info and customize your preview.

That’s it! A few simple things you can do to improve the preview that shows up in Facebook when you or anyone else shares your post. These strategies and tools will allow you to take control of your brand’s identity on Facebook and make sure that you are being represented the way you have chosen to be.