​Amaze Every Client Every Time

What is included in our customer service packages?

  • Email support (send and respond to emails)
  • Dedicated phone number for your customers to contact your team
  • 9a-5p PST support (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  • Design and set up of nurture campaigns
  • Initial survey to identify current satisfaction climate and trouble areas
  • 24 hour response time
  • Create an FAQ
  • Order entry
  • Light collections
  • Income projections based on membership
  • Payment tracking
  • Manage engagement on Facebook
  • Monitor/manage chat platform
  • Survey after each interaction
  • Monthly NPS surveys
  • Dedicated client team manager

90% happiness guarantee

​Your clients will be so happy with you they will rave about you! And just to be sure, we will perform monthly client happiness reviews. We guarantee you will have a 90% happiness rating or we will give you 2 weeks free!

Happiness categories we will measure:

  • Response time
  • 1 touch satisfaction
  • Resolution quality

Success metrics: These are the metrics by which we all measure success. By having agreed upon expectations we know what to expect and how we define success.

  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • NPS/Happiness Score