Customer Service Support

What is included in our customer service packages?

  • Email support (send and respond to emails)
  • Dedicated phone number for your customers to contact your team
  • 9a-5p PST support (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  • Design and set up of nurture campaigns
  • Initial survey to identify current satisfaction climate and trouble areas
  • 24 hour response time
  • Create an FAQ
  • Order entry
  • Light collections
  • Income projections based on membership
  • Payment tracking
  • Manage engagement on Facebook
  • Monitor/manage chat platform
  • Survey after each interaction
  • Monthly NPS surveys
  • Dedicated client team manager


  • 0-10K monthly billing – 1K/month
  • 10K-15K monthly billing – 1500/month
  • 15K-20K monthly billing – 2K/month
  • 20K-25K monthly billing – 2500/month
  • 25K+ monthly billing – custom quote

Our Guarantee To You:

90% happiness guarantee

Your clients will be so happy with you they will rave about you! And just to be sure, we will perform monthly client happiness reviews. We guarantee you will have a 90% happiness rating or we will give you 2 weeks free!

Happiness categories we will measure:

  • Response time
  • 1 touch satisfaction
  • Resolution quality

Success metrics:

  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • NPS/Happiness Score