No, your niche isn’t special

One of the most common reasons I hear for unsuccessful marketing results is “Our niche is different.”

I’m going to share something with you, something that may tick you off. But you need to hear it.

No, your niche isn’t different.

Before you click off this article, let me explain what I mean by that.

Your audience’s challenges might be different. Your niche’s needs might be unique. Your niche might struggle with things others don’t understand.

But, your niche is not different.

It is still filled with people. People who respond as people to your emails, your ads, and your marketing messages.

Whether you market via email, social media, search ads, direct mail, or other methods, you are still marketing to people. Click To Tweet

And regardless of the industry, your people buy based on feelings. Fear, hope, sadness, happiness…we all experience feelings and make decisions based on those.

Let me share an example or two.

Let’s say you are a success coach. You help busy female entrepreneurs build businesses that allow them to share their voice with the world.

You will want to identify your audience’s key pain, find their dreams, and discover what their journey will likely be.

Your marketing will need to reflect that journey. You’ll want to talk to them at different points along their journey. Your message will change depending on the point in the journey you are attempting to reach them.

You will reach out to them frequently enough to make sure they hear the message, and not so frequently that they get frustrated with you. You want to stay top of mind and build a perceived relationship with them so they will trust that you can help them build the business of their dreams.

Now, let’s say you have a local restaurant. You serve amazing American cuisine in a 50’s style family diner.

Your marketing will need to reflect that style. You’ll want to reach your ideal customers at various points in their lives as well. You’ll want to make people aware of your restaurant. You want them to think about you and even crave your food.

When they are getting ready for dinner and are making their plans to go out, you want them to think of you. You want to make appealing offers that make their mouths water at the moment they are choosing their dinner destination.

You’ll want to be in front of them frequently enough to keep your restaurant top of mind, but not so frequently that you annoy them into boycotting you.  You want to stay top of mind and build a perceived relationship with them so they will trust that you will provide them a great meal at a fair price that they and their guests will enjoy.

Let’s look at one more scenario. Let’s say you are in the business of helping people make money. Whether it’s business opportunities, internet marketing or affiliate marketing, you help people go from struggling to pay the bills to having enough money to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Your audience may be a bit more cynical, having been burned by opportunities in the past that have never panned out. They are cautious of sales letters, and believe most of what they read is a bunch of hype without much substance.

You will want to talk to people at different points along their journey. You’re messaging will need to reach people at the beginning of their journey, when they are frustrated and even a bit angry, as well as toward the end of their journey, when they believe there is a solution and are making their decision about who to buy into.

Your messaging will need to be consistent throughout their journey, reaching them at multiple points along the way. You want to stay top of mind and build a perceived relationship with them so they will trust that you can help them when they are ready to make a decision.

Notice the common thread?

You want to stay top of mind and build a perceived relationship with them so they will trust you. Click To Tweet

This is what your marketing is designed to do, regardless of your industry. And the way you do this is the same across industries as well.

You stay top of mind by being consistent in your messaging and reaching your ideal clients/customers when they are listening. You build a perceived relationship and trust by demonstrating that you mean what you say, being consistent in your messaging, and sharing your life with them.

When you are able to do these things with consistency and transparency, you will notice increases in your subscriber base, customer base, and client loyalty. Regardless of your industry or niche, always remember you are still talking to people about their hopes and fears. And that doesn’t change.

Tracy Hoobyar

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