Tom Hoobyar


I consult in two areas, business and personal:

Business background:

40+ occupations in 20+ industries

35 years in management, from Fortune 500 to small businesses

12 startups ranging from product to service, many went to #1 in their sectors

originator of 6 patents and 3 applications

Engineering in mechanical, electrical and pharmaceutical fields and marketing in all my businesses

You need some input? I’m a useful sounding board and I can help whether it’s a pure business problem or an “inside job” (personal performance issue).


These days, life  is full and very good. We laugh a lot. Vikki is not my first wife but she’s certainly my last, and we’re like honeymooners after fourteen years together. It gets better every day. We have adult kids that are fond of us, and seven grandchildren who are part of our daily lives.

I spend my time working with people I like and respect, doing research on the many subjects that interest me, and writing for this site and a number of other outlets. I take time for the people and activities that I love.

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Curious why I moved from startups to consulting?

One evening a few years ago I was taken to the hospital with severe chest pains. For what seemed an endless time I thought I was going to die. I’ve really loved my life, and I was sad that I wasn’t going to have more time with my beloved wife Vikki, and disappointed that I wouldn’t see my grandchildren grow up.

But even as I was losing consciousness, I was REALLY angry that I had spent my whole life in the scramble of business, and I hadn’t left anything behind that said, “Here are some useful principles that I’ve learned; things work better this way.”

During a scary night filled with blood tests, chest xrays and EKGs I decided to retire from my life as a high-tech CEO. I promised my Maker that I would make my experience and learning available to whoever had the desire for it. And I believe that keeping promises is a good thing.

Now I’m sharing my knowledge with people who want to learn what I know, without having to spend a lifetime learning it.

P.S. Oh, yeah, the chest pain thing? Not my heart after all. Just the stress of running a growth company coupled with a bad diet. I’ve reformed. After all, we’ve got seven grandchildren and I want to see how they turn out!

T&GrandkidsNote: Our newest grandchild, a boy, was born after this picture was taken. He’ll be in the next one.